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Board Presentations

Hawthorne Public School District
Board of Education Presentations / Approved Documents

2023 Meeting Presentations:
October 17, 2023, District Testing Report

Past Meeting Presentations:
Curriculum Updates
District Testing Report, October 2022
Start Strong Testing Report, January 2023

2023 NJGPA Testing Presentation

ARP / ESSER III Fund Allocations: 

Annual Budget Presentation:
2023-2024 Budget Presentation, April 25, 2023

District Calendar:

District Calendar for 2023-2024
District Calendar for 2024-2025

Contacting the Board of Education:
Parents or community members who have questions or concerns throughout the school year may contact the Board of Education using the following email address: 

**If parents or community members have questions that they would like addressed at a public Board of Education meeting, you must do so in person.**