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Mr.Mamkej Headshot

Mr. Tamer Mamkej

Technology Director

Follow me on Twitter: @EdTechTamer

Phone: 973-427-1300 Ext. 2018

Address: Hawthorne Public Schools
445 Lafayette Avenue
Hawthorne, NJ 07506


Welcome to The Hawthorne Public Schools Technology Department

The Hawthorne Public Schools Technology Department is dedicated to empowering and inspiring our learning community through innovative and reliable technology solutions. Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic digital environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. We are committed to providing cutting-edge tools, robust infrastructure, and comprehensive support to enhance the educational experience for students, educators, and staff.

In alignment with the district's vision, the Technology Department aims to foster a safe and secure online environment, promoting digital citizenship and ethical behavior. We recognize the importance of equitable access to technology and are dedicated to narrowing the digital divide, ensuring that all students have equal opportunities to leverage the power of technology for their educational growth.

In summary, the Hawthorne Public Schools Technology Department is committed to fostering a technologically advanced, inclusive, and collaborative learning environment that empowers our community to thrive in an interconnected world.

Technology Department Staff





Mr. Tamer Mamkej

Technology Director

(973) 427-1300 ext. 2018

Mr. Alex Vanderwal

Network Administrator

(973) 427-1300 ext. 2021

Mr. Jaime DeDios

Computer Technician

(973) 427-1300 ext. 2019

Mr. Jalal Abaza

Computer Technician

(973) 427-1300 ext. 2020

Technology Resources and Information