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Diversity Alliance Committee



DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Initiative


The Hawthorne Public Schools will ensure that diversity in all of its forms is respected and valued within the educational community by fostering and promoting an environment of inclusiveness where all students, staff, and families feel welcome while being their authentic selves. 


The Hawthorne Public Schools will create an environment that provides opportunities to meet the entire population’s diverse needs, which will enhance student achievement both academically and socially. The Hawthorne Public Schools commits to promoting these principles and ideals to correct current and historical shortcomings and contribute directly to the quality of learning for all educational community members.

Dr. Pedro Noguera, Excellence Through Equity

Committee Members

Administration/BOE Members

Richard Spirito, Kristen Trabona, Art Mazzacca, Cheryl Pasquale, Susan Menshon, Jennifer Ehrentraut

Parents/Community Members

Jim Bushoven, Joe DiGeronimo, Kiara Gary, Andrea Kroeze, Defina Moore, Michael Stracco, Toby Murphy, Alma Morel

Student/Alumni Representatives

Cameron Moore

Teacher Representatives

Renee Auerbach, Theresa DiGeronimo, Brianna Palmer, Osvaldo Duran, Jennifer Trentacosta


Meeting Agendas

July 28, 2020 Meeting Agenda

August 24, 2020 Meeting Agenda

October 5, 2020 Meeting Agenda

December 10, 2020 Meeting Agenda

December 10th Presentation

January 14, 2021 Meeting Agenda

February 18, 2021 Meeting Agenda

March 4, 2021 Committee Workshop

March 18, 2021 Meeting Agenda

April 15, 2021 Meeting Agenda

July 22, 2021, Presentation

November 15, 2021, Meeting Agenda

December 6, 2021, Meeting Agenda

(Dec. 6th mtg. was rescheduled and held on Jan. 6, 2022)

March 22, 2022, Meeting Agenda

July 20, 2022, Restorative Practices Workshop

October 20, 2022, Restorative Practices Part II

November 17, 2022, Committee Development

March 20, 2023, Committee Meetings

October 30, 2023, Policy Review